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Are you passionate about brewing good quality beer? You’ve come to the right place. Micro Brew UK Ltd in South Yorkshire offer custom-made, high end microbrewery kits throughout the country and globally.

About Micro Brew UK Ltd

Micro Brew UK Ltd provide imaginative answers to complex manufacturing production line issues. We do this in ways which solve our customers’ problems with the least amount of hassle and interruption to factory output. We have a team of productive workers who do not cut any corners in arriving at quality solutions.
We offer a high quality, professional and cost conscious service to companies with a requirement for stainless steel processing equipment. Working closely with our customers we provide imaginative solutions to complex manufacturing production issues in a hassle free way which solves the problem with the least amount of disruption.
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High quality microbrewery

Brewing your own beer is a fantastic and unique way to attract customers to your pub, bar or restaurant. Micro Brew UK Ltd have developed an efficient, high quality and affordable microbrewery system that is ideal for any pub, bar or anyone associated with brewing or simply wanting to brew their own beer. Call us to find out more.
Our microbrewery

Easy and profitable!

Not only is brewing your own beer a great selling point for your establishment, but is also VERY profitable. An average brew using our system costs just £200 (approx) in ingredients, takes just 4-6 hours of manual work, yet produces around 10 firkins of beer, totalling 720 pints! Considering that most beers sell for between £2.40 and £3.50 a pint, that’s is a potential earning of up to £2,520 per brew!
Brewing process

Want to run your own pub? For affordable microbreweries, call Micro Brew UK Ltd on

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