2.5 BBL

2.5BBL Brewery System

The 2.5BBL Skid Mounted Micro-Brewery System
 - Our clients most favourite size!

Here at Micro Brew UK Ltd our most popular choice of brewery within our client base is the 2.5BBL system, making it our most high demand product!

The 2.5BBL is compact in size and powerful enough to make 600 pints of beer in just four hours! 
A great feature to this system and a key selling point is that the kit is designed to brew as much as 5 barrels, this is something we call the double brew! This is whilst maintaining the footprint of the 2.5BBL, meaning saved space at your facility, which is always useful.

We designed the kit to double brew as we wanted people to grow with the system. For example, you might have started off happy with 2.5BBL and decided to purchase a larger system when outgrowing 2.5BBL; but with ours you can achieve more barrels whilst using the same kit. This means you save money whilst you expand your business! 

One more key feature to the 2.5BBL is the fact it was designed for easy accessibility and transport, this is why our engineers designed this kit to have wheels, meaning you are able to move the system if necessary. For example; if you are having an event and want to move it from the brew room to the main area it is easily movable. This is also perfect for clean days, meaning you are able to move the system to clean where it has been stood and reach all areas, meaning you are able to keep the perfect, hygienic environment. 

This kit started off aiming for a beginner brewers audience aiming to turn commercial, but along the way we have found out that already established breweries also want this kit. They use it for their pubs or taprooms as the system looks great and is a focal point and asset to their business. The big breweries enjoy this kit for the fact you can achieve anything between 2.5BBL to 5BBL, and for its compact build and great finish. We guarantee this kit will produce high quality, consistent product on every brew. The brewery is extremely simplistic, but is of a professional and commercial standard. Meaning it reaches all audiences! 

We guarantee this brewery system can last a lifetime without any faults, due to its high quality standard, perfect for any tap room, small brewery or more!

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Whats included in the 2.5BBL system?

The 2.5BBL system comes complete with the following;
- Heat Exchanger
- Pump
- Heat Elements
- Sample Points
- Temp Gauge
- Site Glass
- Electrical Panel
- User Manual
- Installation and Demonstration
- You can also add Fermentation Vessels (FVs) to your order for an additional price.

**Contact us if you want any modifications. **

Pricing is available upon request.

Scroll down to read about our manufacturing process, and why you should pick us to manufacture your brewery.

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Everything built in house:

At Micro Brew UK we take great pride in the fact we built our systems 100% in house.  Due to this, if you have any special requirements for example, problems with ceiling height, width of room etc... we can modify to these requirements. This is as we build everything from start to finish with no second hand materials or third party products, meaning changes and modifications can be made as we go along! 

When ordering with us you are able to receive weekly updates and pictures of your system on its manufacturing journey to being complete. This is so you're able to feel apart of the process, as we understand brewing can be a life changing investment and we want you to feel comfortable along the way. 

What separates us from the rest is our business aims and ethics, we believe the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers needs is of the upmost importance, 100% with no excuses

For questions or enquiries please contact the number below or fill out our enquiry form. Thank you!

01427 890 196

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