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The brewing process at Micro Brew UK Ltd is what sets brewery apart. Below is a step-by-step process of how we brew our beer.

Microbrewing – The Brewing Process

Here is a quick overview of the brewing process. Using our microbrewery, it is extremely easy to start your brew. It is then simply a case of leaving it alone to work it’s magic, and then a few days later the tasting can begin!
Brewing Resources
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Making your beer…

  • Transfer the hot liquor into mash tun just covering wedge wire floor
  • Introduce base ingredients and hot liquor
  • Sparge
  • Control wort transfer through the under back and into the kettle
  • Add additional ingredients and hot liquor and leave for the appropriate time at temperature
  • When process complete transfer to FV controlling temperature through the heat exchanger 
  • Add yeast to FV and control temperature
  • Sample
  • Transfer to packaging / cask bottle etc
  • Enjoy!

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